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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  January 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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arkansas. scientists believe fireworks caused the death of the birds. they believe the bursts of light confused them to slam to the ground. it's unlikely we'll ever know exactly what killed 3,000 birds. those birds fell shortly after midnight new year's day. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. >> it makes no sense. who would do something like this to somebody so good? >> a virginia father suffering after a devastating loss. the young father of this toddler shot and left on the side of a highway. tonight, the murder is still shrouded in mystery, but his family and friends have given police a few clues. bob barnard has the news edge in virginia tonight. >> reporter: friends of virginia victim jabril marasay they know who he was with in the hours when he was shot and left for dead nine days ago but so far this man's killer is still
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on the run. >> she is full of life, a sweet little girl, a lot like her dad. >> reporter: she's two years ago, little amari mara, and sadly will never know her father. >> she usually goes to sleep with him every night. that's her favorite toy, is her dad. >> reporter: he died last week from gun shot wounds suffered under mysterious circumstances. family friend arkim william. >> he was shot twice in the head and once in the throat. there was three gun shots. >> reporter: despite those devastating wounds, mara was found alive staggering on the nuttily street northbound ramp to i66 east just after midnight, monday, december 27th. >> for someone to have gone through that, to be thrown out the car like that, and then to be able to still walk. they said he was still trying to talk but nothing was coming out, it just speaks volumes of what
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kind of person he was. >> only thing i could think of was he was thinking about amari, his daughter. >> reporter: older brother terence eaton says jabrill was a star football player at robert e. lee high school. >> we don't know what happened. >> reporter: ms. williams says he left the house in spring field the night he was shot with someplace someone known to the family. he wanted to pursue a career in auto mechanics, made a hip hop cd recently and adored his young daughter. >> she'll have all the love she needs. we have a big family. she has assistance. but still there's nothing like your father's love. >> reporter: virginia state police say they are following some good leads in this case but have made no arrest, brian. >> bob, the man accused of going on a stabbing spree in virginia, michigan and ohio last year is
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mounting an insanity defense. his lawyer plans to call forensic psychiatrist who will insist his client was insane at the time of the attacks. he was charged with three murders and five other attacks and was also the suspect of five other deadly attacks. dc's new fire chief is speaking out following a fox 5 investigation you saw here first. one firefighter making hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime over a few years. now days on the job, chief ellerby is on the case. roby chavez is live with more. >> reporter: the chief says he wants transparency and accountability and promises it will happen quickly and it's one reason he appeared on day 2 since he's been on the job. we told you about one firefighter who took home more than $300,000 in pay thanks to the overtime he earned. lieutenant richard leehan has earned a six figure salary as a
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firefighter in the past two years. payroll records show he raked up nearly 2500 hours of overtime in the last two years and earned more than $153,000 in overtime pay. back in december, you might remember we told you about this woman, natalie overton. she's been on paid administrative lead for possibly as long as three years as the department sat on her discipline case. the chief now inherits these problems and tonight admitted the department has some major issues. >> there are racial discrimination lawsuits on the table. there are allegations of disparity in pay, in december. a lot of things are going on in the department. you want some transparency. do you think it's time to bring some sort of outside board, a civilian review board look at this, help you lead the way, so there is transparency so we know we get a top to bottom look at the department. >> that may be one of the solutions, to be honest. we want to make sure we treat
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people fairlily, y, we want to be transparency. mayor gray says he wants to create one city and within that one city we'll have one government and one department for the fire department. i'm sure they'll start to tree people fairer, we'll honor our union contracts and we'll make sure we work with our union leadership, and just ensure that people, a, are treated fairly and if discipline is necessary, that we administer effectively, efficiently and timely. >> bottom line, the chief doesn't like what's been happening and says even top brass will be held accountable if necessary. the chief says he'll stick to the guidelines set by the dc council in law, which means overtime is capped at $20,000. investigators have narrowed down when a former presidential advisor was killed. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> reporter: police in delaware say someone saw john wheeler alive about 3:30 last thursday in downtown wilmington. his body was found in a land
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fill at 10:00 friday morning. wheeler was the force behind the vietnam veterans memorial wall, served in both bush administrations, as well as president reagan. a not guilty plea for a man accused of killing a swim suit designer. cache, the victim, was strangled and drown in a bath tub. her family says she was trying to break up with brooks. the suspect is the son of academy award wii winning song writer joseph brook. a $45 million parlor has 750 slot machines, and it comes two years after voters approved the local casino. the news edge following the breaking news many people have been waiting to hear. megamillions has just selected
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the winning numbers for the giant $355 million jack pot. 50, 47, 4, 25, 8 and the megaball, 42. good luck if you played. the odds of winning are almost 1 in 176 million, but somebody's got to win right. the immigration battle returns to northern virginia. the law some call unconstitutional. life after the mayor's office. details on adrian fenty's new high profile gig. first, a quick check at the run down. we're back.
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 >> former mayor fenty has found a new job, celebrity speaker. he's represented by the greater talent network, a manhattan
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agency that represents dozens of high profile people. the agency is marketing fenty as a national leader in urban education reform. no word on how much he's charging for appearances. the news edge in virginia now, the battle over immigration is back on the hot seat in herndon. the town is under fire for a law some states say targets day laborers. it banns people from soliciting businesses on highways or busy streets. they met downtown to discuss the issue. fox 5's sherri ly has the story. >> reporter: a wave of antiillegal immigration measures in herndon has created an unwelcome mood for some immigrants. nancy ramirez, a bolivian native says her home town of six years turned on her. >> my family and i feel we've been victims of fraud. we can't go out to the street. >> reporter: at stake, a 6 month old law banning people from selling goods to motorists, distributing flyers, or seeking
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work, among other things, on town streets where parking is not allowed. critics say it's an overly broad restriction on free speech. >> this type of legislation has been passed around the country and has been specifically for targeting day laborers. >> they're not out there talking about their given rights. they're out there talking about doing work for $10 an hour. that's a commercial transaction, so it's not a free speech issue. >> reporter: proponents of the law backed by outside special interest groups helped elect four new council members they say promised to rescind the law. >> reporter: the law not only banns solicitation in the roadway but extends to the sidewalk. >> for four years, there was a town council that helped to create a feeling of hate red and mistrust among certain committees. >> i voted for this initially and if i thought there was any problems i wouldn't have voted for it at the time. >> reporter: no one has been cited, only warned so far. but doesn't mean somebody some
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day will be. >> i have a fire extinguisher in my house. i haven't used it yet, should i throw it out? no, i may need it one day. >> reporter: it's plunged herndon back into a spot light the town doesn't want. in hernton, sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> the law only applies where street parking is not allowed. supporters point out people ares street parking and private property is fair game too. up next, the story behind this chilling photo, taken seconds before a politician's assassination. coach shanahan complains about the donovan mcnabb benching. he is regretting about the scandal. the white house is not only an american land mark. it's apparently also a symbol of the housing market. according to a new estimate from real estate website zillow, it's now worth $253 million in change. it's a 24% drop.  [ male announcer ] nature is unique...
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>> this chilling photo has helped police in the philippines arrest two men. the murdered man snapped this picture just seconds before he was gunned down. it shows the other gunman taking aim. the other man was an accomplice. police released the picture to the media hoping to find the two suspects, and they arrested him. to china, the government is exporting something every day, something called rare earth minerals. they're in cell phones and mri machines. they're not very rare, they're
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just difficult to mine. china produces 95% of them, now making them hard to get. >> they've gone up fairly dramatically in the past three months alone. some of them have jumped in price from 400 to 700%. >> the us has a decent amount of these minerals, doesn't mine them much though. the process is expensive and bad for the environment but one mine is coming back online in california. here's shawn yancy for your top 5. number 5, netflix will soon be a click away. pretty soon, subscribers will be able to use a remote control with a netflix button to put through all the movies. the company, adding to those buttons to remote controls include memmorex and panna sonic. what is your definition of a healthy diet? research has found we don't do so well.
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only a quarter of dieters limit the amount of fat and sugar. very few count calories or weigh themselves, and 4 in 10 say their weight is off track. number 3, a recent poll found voters support maryland's dime a drink for alcohol tax. you'd pay an extra dime for a cocktail or bill. it would raise revenue for addiction, treatment and prevention. americans are buying cars again. auto sales are still off from what they were a few years ago but rose last year for the first time since the recession. experts warn, rising gas prices are more economic and can shake the confidence of american car buyers. number 1, good news for you procrastinators, deadline has been extented to april 18.
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this year it falls on the 15th giving taxpayers three extra days to file taxes. that's tonight's fox 5 top 5. >> thank you, shawn. if you transformed yourself into the thin jackets, get the thick jackets back out. get the heavy coat. >> got to come back out. looks like we're heading back into a colder pattern. if we get some breaks along the way, it will be a good one. maybe not as cold as last night but still cold nonetheless. prepare for the thicker jackets tomorrow morning and kids getting ready for school. we have potential for upper teens in the suburbs. we'll start with true view because we see a few snow showers in pennsylvania. there's a front coming through and it will begin to change the wind direction. get the lake effect snow machine going a little bit, and i understand the lakes are just about frozen up here so we're not seeing the huge volume of snow streamers we've never seen before. we could get a stray flurry across the mountains later tonight. most of us will see partly
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cloudy skies and a wind shift. here's the overnight forecast, a cold one. some teens possible in the suburbs, and at 11:00 it was not as cold as it was at this hour. temperatures will drop into the 20s in the city and winds will pick up later after the front comes through. we didn't do too badly today. we were warm in the mid-atlantic compared to surrounding cities, 43 in dc, up toward rochester, 35, and i think you can see minneapolis only 9 degrees. that's where the heart of the colder air is beginning to seep down. brownsville at 81 degrees, and even so, i think you can see that colder air in the northern plains, and that's kind of an arctic outbreak we'll begin to feel around here as we head into the weekend. temperatures in gaithersburg is 38 degrees, manassas 27. the front has come through
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martinsburg, and through hagerstown. if you notice the winds are picking up later tonight you'll know that the front has come through. not bitterry cold to the north and west and chicago comfortable with 15 and 25. there's the cold air coming in tomorrow. maybe just a little bit of a breeze will make it feel colder. by noon, about 37 degrees with lots of sunshine, and by 5:00, 36 and, yes, still fairly clear skies. here's the future cast. we want you to see the progress of what we think will be a weak clipper system coming through here later in the week. it looks like it's trying to speed up just a little bit and maybe we'll begin to see flurries in the overnight hours. a period of light snow possible into friday morning, pausing at the noon hour where we'll continue to see it. it will be cold enough for some of the snow to stick. remember the 1 1/2 inches in december? i don't think it will be like that, because that's where temperatures are well into the 20s and every flake stuck and it made for a big mess. some of it will melt off, and
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coming through the early morning hours, it will be enough to coat the ground and cause travel difficulties. we know that friday will be on the cold side at 35 degrees, but again, not as cold as it was in december. saturday, windy and cold, 32, sunday it's still on the breezy side at 36 degrees. lindsey is talking about caps highlights, perfect for our weather wouldn't you say. she'll have that when the news edge returns. [ male announcer ] when sean was looking at mba programs, he wanted a curriculum designed to meet market needs, with faculty who brought real-world perspective on where the business world was headed and the practical experience to help him make an impact. my name is sean blankenship, i'm making the electric car more accessible, and i am a phoenix.
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>> the last two times the capitals and lightning met at the verizon center, the caps won 12-3. tonight, it was scarce as the two battled southeast's division supremacy. his shot is wide and bounces out the other side, gets a second chance. that one denied and it will be 8 shots on goal. matt hendrix with his jersey pulled over his head gets a nice shot on steve downey but it's hard to fight when you can't see. a brick wall tonight, 33 saves in regulations, and this game goes into overtime. 2 plus minutes in ot. the capitals fall to the lightning 1-0 in overtime. they're now three points behind first place tampa bay. >> you get 34 shots and it's -- but when you've got the ability to get more chances than that, then i don't know, it's -- we're
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not scoring a lot of goals. thank god we're getting good goal tending and playing solid defense because we're not scoring a lot of goals. >> there were bright spots for the redskins this season, the reliability of anthony armstrong, speed of brandon banks and the development of ryan torain. the donovan mcnabb drama began in week 8 against the lions when he was benched in the game. the reason from mike shanahan, he was not in good enough shape to run the 2 minute drill. he was eventually benched for good and the coach was asked if he regretted the situation. >> i wish i'd have handled the one in detroit a little bit differently, should have been a little bit more honest than i was. sometimes you do things to protect players, and at the same time you are actually hurting them, so i wish i would have handled it differently. new maryland football coach
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randy etcell says he will retain two coaches. check out the 1998 team picture of the georgia tech football team. the squad was coached by george' leery pictured at the middle at the top. now, 13 years later, etsel is succeeding freezen as the terps' head coach. >> we had a chance to work together at georgia tech for a year, and we developed a very good friendship. and ralph is a very good coach, he's a very good person. i look forward to taking the program to a higher level. >> michael nibrick will honor his commitment and attend yu condespitecon
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despite his exit to another place. he was a record holder last season. maryland hosting colgate, and the terps take the other way. to sylvan for the layup. later in the first half, the layup, he had 23 points. finally, the nationals has signed first baseman adam laroach to a two-year deal. we'll be right back. 
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